Learning from Each Other: webinar series on A/V work in the RLP

Fast Forward by Graphic Tigers

Over the last year, OCLC Research has been building a program of work to support archives and special collections in stewarding, providing access to, and advocating for the rare and unique audiovisual materials in their care. These fragile formats document important subjects, people, movements, and events; are often of high research value; have a limited remaining lifespan; and many institutions are trying to deal with an overwhelming volume of rare and unique A/V holdings.  

We will be presenting a series of webinars over the next several months in response to what we learned from the survey and community conversations we conducted in 2019 to better understand the key challenges archives and special collections face in working with A/V. Each webinar will highlight efforts at one of our Research Library Partnership member organizations to address some of the most pressing challenges in working with A/V collections.  

  • March 10—Computational Uses of Audiovisual Materials at the Library of Congress Learn how the LC Labs team at the Library of Congress is experimenting with ways to provide computational access to audiovisual materials. Register Here. 
  • April 29—Approaches to Processing Audiovisual Archives for Improved Access and Preservation Planning Learn about the University of Houston Special Collections’ approach to addressing a backlog of under-described archival audiovisual materials to increase accessibility and better advocate and plan for digitization projects. Register Here. 
  • May 13—Lost in Transcription—Developing workflows for captioning video Learn about Cornell University Library’s investigation into captioning tools and potential workflows to address accessibility issues for digital video at scale. Register Here.
  • June 3—Using Data to Advocate for the Preservation of Audiovisual Collections Learn about how data from a four-year project to survey and assess audiovisual collections across the Smithsonian Institution is being used to advance the preservation of those materials on a pan-institutional level. Register Here.

Those at RLP member institutions are invited to register and join us live. All webinars will be recorded and posted online for anyone to access afterward, on the webpages linked above. We encourage you to watch with your colleagues and use them as an opportunity to discuss how you are approaching work with A/V collections at your institution!