What We’re Reading — Week of March 7, 2011

A new hangingtogether feature is this round-up of a few interesting links found and shared in OCLC Research in the past week:

Make: Online » Is It Time to Rebuild & Retool Public Libraries and Make “TechShops”?

File under the future of public libraries. Love that the author hasn’t been a heavy public library user but still loves them. Also interesting to note that the first tool library was in Columbus! Hat tip to Eric Celeste.

Liber Quarterly – “Free Library Data?”

A very even-handed description of the landscape of library data, particularly from a European perspective


An old article about Leslie McFarlane, the bitter writer who was Franklin W. Dixon.

Google LatLong: You’ve got better things to do than wait in traffic

This would be handy. Made me want one for “book traffic”, showing me the quickest path to reading (print or e, bought or borrowed)

Mapping the Nation’s Well-Being – The Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index – Interactive Map – NYTimes.com

and here in California Congressional District 14 we are happiest of all the citizens. Really.