Hanging loose

I’ve had such a great time hanging together with all of you – staff at our Partner institutions; professionals from all corners of the library, archive, and museum worlds; and especially my OCLC colleagues.

But at the end of December, I’m going to retire and fly solo.  Well, actually I’ll have a co-pilot.  My husband, Ted, and I are dramatically downsizing, moving into an RV, and hitting the road.  We plan to travel for the next while — we refer to it as two weeks, two months, or two years (to find out which it will be, follow our blog at twotwotwo.net).

I’ve learned a lot from all of you and hope I’ve contributed in a useful manner to the conversations about digitization, LAM collaboration, archiving born-digital content, data curation, and support for researchers.

OCLC Research will be filling the vacant senior program officer position with someone with experience specifically in research information management.  If this sounds like you (or someone you know), check out the posting.  It’s a fantastic job doing meaningful work with wonderful people.


In the meantime, I’ll be busy finishing up a few projects at work (and a few thousand at home).

If we meet up on the road somewhere, let’s hang together!



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