A wait that’s (almost) over

As I blogged before, Some things are worth waiting for. And yes, 2008 is indeed the Year of Non-Latin References in LC/NACO Authority Records. The first of the pre-populated name authority records with non-Latin script forms datamined from WorldCat that had previously been visible as “alternate names” in WorldCat Identities have made their debut!

So the name authority record for Pak Sang-nim now shows both the hanja form of the name, 相林 as well as the hangul form, 상림.

LC Control Number: n 2008046884 
HEADING:           Pak, Sang-nim, 1927- 
 Used For/See From: Park, Sangrim, 1927- 
                    상림, 1927- 
                     相林, 1927- 
Special Note:      Non-Latin script reference not evaluated
 Found In:          Hongik hwabaek esŏ ch’ajŭn ch’amdoen t’ongil ŭi kil, 2008: cover (  相林 =  상림 = Pak
                      Sang-nim) added t.p., etc. (b. 1927 in Hamnam Yŏnghŭng; chŏngch’ihak paksa, Kŏn’guktae
                      Taehagwŏn; w., Kungmin Ŭnhaeng; hoejang, Minjok Hwahae Yŏnʾguhoe; Park Sangrim [in rom.])


The prepopulation process has just started and will take some months. Nevertheless, those of us who have been waiting to see non-Latin script references in authority files for a quarter-century (or more!), our wait is (almost) over! And we can mark the OCLC Programs and Research project to “lead and effort to upgrade the LC/NACO authority file with non-Latin alternate names” completed.