EAD Report Card now yours for the taking

A few weeks ago, I told you that we were testing the open source version of the RLG EAD Report Card. I’m pleased to announce that the files are now available .

There are two version of the Report Card, one for the desktop and one for a webserver. The webserver version will require that you work with a webmaster in order to install the files and perl scripts. The desktop version has several limitations in terms of operating systems and Java requirements (these are outlined in the readme file). I hope that by giving the files to the community, the community can contribute back and help to improve what we’ve given you, in true open source fashion.

Both versions allow you to update the guts of the report card, so that it will work with your own best practice guidelines. Right now, out of the box it works with the RLG EAD Best Practice Guidelines, but your institutional guidelines may be more or less restrictive.

I’d like to see questions about the report card go to the EAD list, so that we can all learn together (I assume that anyone with an interest in EAD is already subscribed, but you never know)….