What’s in a Name?

I had the pleasure and honor of attending a Names Experts Panel meeting with my colleague Thom Hickey last week hosted by JISC (Joint Information Systems Committee) in London. The panel was created to advise on the “Names Project” – a collaboration between MIMAS and the British Library to develop a prototype name authority service that will reliably and uniquely identify names of individuals and institutions for use by repositories of research outputs in the UK.

As part of scoping out the requirements for such a service, Amanda Hill (the project leader, consultant to MIMAS) and Alan Danskin, Anne Dixon, Michael Docherty, and Richard Moore of the BL prepared an excellentlandscape report” summarizing existing standards and systems supporting names authority work. It is now available on the project’s Web site and we have been told that we can “share the URL with interested colleagues”. So I’m sharing it with you! Well worth reading!