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  1. A privilege to work with you on the Pinyin Project years ago ! What fun that was — right down to the stuffed boneless ducks feet at the banquet.

  2. Karen, Congratulations on a truly impactful career whose influence extends well beyond the library sphere – as your Unicode work demonstrates. The world is a better (and more connected) place for your contributions!

  3. Karen, congratulations on an amazing career, and thank you for being such a wonderful co-worker during the years we spent together at RLG and then OCLC! All the best to you. I imagine your feline friends must be thrilled to have ALL of your attention soon!

  4. Hi Karen, 
    You are the one I met who has been doing the best work for the CJK community. When I came to the States 30 years ago, you hosted the RLG international conference discussion to form the Cataloging Guidelines for the Chinese Rare Book Project. You are the preface writer for its 2000 edition. The 2018 edition is in the Cataloger’s Desktop. The Guidelines have been used, revised, and of benefit internationally. I am lucky to be one of them. 
    You are the one I met at the CEAL conference who perfectly represented RLG to communicate with us for decades. You always energetically provide sharp and easy to understand vision, suggestion, and answers.  
    It is very encouraging to see you at OCLC webinars. You showed me how far you could reach. I was especially happy to have a chance to talk to you in person at the Philadelphia ALA this March. In few minutes, you solved my puzzle on original language for NACO.
    Karen, you are a truly rare, amazing person — I’m luckily to have met you.
    祝好 (this word I learned from you) 
    曹淑文 CAO Shuwen 

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