Getting in, going with the flow

Lorcan frequently blogs and speaks about libraries and librarians getting in the flow, inserting themselves and materials where users are (rather than hoping that users will find materials in the library or in the library catalog).

Google seems to have picked up on this idea and suggests some interesting new directions.

2 Comments on “Getting in, going with the flow”

  1. The first time I heard Manuel Castells at Berkeley talking about the ‘space of flows,’ I thought to myself, “You really should have thought about it a bit before you settled on that phrase.”

  2. Good for a laugh! That TiSP gag is worthy of “The IT Crowd” britcom series that was on [Australian broadcast network] ABC recently. I can practically see the idiotic Director becoming childishly excited about “implementing” it as his latest tactical initiative.

    And yes, I’m also resigned to the strong possibility there are plenty of people who would think the joke TiSP is actually a smart IT system…

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