User studies and ArchiveGrid

Two of my favorite things, tied together: access to archival information, and user studies. All documented here in this RLG Focus article by Arnold Arcolio on our user testing for ArchiveGrid. After you’ve read the article, take ArchiveGrid for a spin. Fun and easy to use, and now you’ll know why. Merrilee

Digital Library Federation meeting, some highlights

[warning! long!] Before I got distracted, I was going to update you on some of my travels and activities. I’ll start with the Digital Library Federation Forum in Austin, Texas (I’ve already told you about the panel on the Open Content Alliance). From my perspective, some highlights from that meeting — keep in mind that …


Educause podcast with Merrilee

Following my presentation on web archiving at CNI (more about that in a subsequent posting!), I was interviewed by Matt Pasiewicz from Educause. The interview covers web archiving, ArchiveGrid, and a number of other topics. Only 20 minutes, so if you are interested, take a listen! Merrilee

A walk down memory lane

[Originally posted April 18th, 2006 — the last in our recently republished series. A special thanks to Roy Tennant for locating this!] I just received this email: 100 years ago today on April 18, 1906, a monumental earthquake hit the city of San Francisco. The effects of the earthquake and subsequent fire that swept the …


Your assets – here to stay?

Those amongst you who read this blog regularly know that I’ve been thinking a fair bit about digital asset management in museums lately – witness my posts here and here. I’ve had another opportunity to clarify my thinking while musing about a talk for AAM 2006 in Boston. I’ll be on a panel called “Preserving …


Back in the saddle again

[Originally posted April 17th, 2006 — No 2 in our recently republished series] Okay, it’s been a while. I haven’t been avoiding you, I’ve just been super busy. I’m going to work backwards until I get caught up. I just got back from the Digital Library Federation Spring Forum in Austin, Texas. Some business, and …



[Originally posted 04/17/2004 – No 1 in our “re-live the moment” series.] I’ve oracled about it before, and now it’s finally here: the joint Museum Computer Network (MCN) and AAM Media & Technology blog is open for business! As a member of both boards, I’ve been intimately involved in setting up this blog, so …


The dog ate my blog

LIShost had some problems, and consequently, HangingTogether lost some posts (fortunately, we’re not missing in action altogether — thanks Blake!). I was able to grab some of the missing posts from a cache, but if any of you readers have a copy of my post from 4/18 (A walk down memory lane), I’d love to …


Collection Description for bugs and butterflies

In a previous post, I hinted at the collaborative work I’m engaged in with a number of natural history institutions. Our working group ominously titled itself RAVNS or Resources Available in Natural Sciences, and we’ve had conference calls for a good 18 months now. Building on a European Union project called BioCASE (Biological Collections Access …