Welcome our resident Wikipedian!

A while back, I blogged about our Wikipedian in Residence position. I’m pleased to announce that until the end of August, Max Klein will be serving as OCLC Research’s Wikipedian in Residence.

Max will work with OCLC Research as a community coordinator. In this role, he will explore and pursue mutually beneficial projects between OCLC, library stakeholders, and the Wikipedia community. Initial points of entry will target two goals. First, he will work with OCLC staff and libraries to help foster a broader understanding of Wikipedia’s practices. And secondly, he will launch an inquiry into what technological integration is possible both technically and politically.

Max has a BA in Mathematics from University of California Berkeley. While a student, he lead and facilitated a student-run course on the Politics of Piracy which incorporated editing on Wikipedia. He also served, recruited and lectured, as a Regional Ambassador as part of Wikipedia’s Education Program.

We are all very excited about our work with Max and about opportunities between libraries and Wikipedia. In putting together this position, and while interviewing candidates, I have met so many wonderful and passionate people who are involved with Wikipedia. I’m excited by all the possibilities.

If you work at a library, and have had either positive or negative experiences with Wikipedia, we’d love to build on your experience, so please get in touch.

Max will be blogging about his work here, so stay tuned!

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