Top Corporate Names in WorldCat

As I explained earlier, I have been doing some investigations into how MARC has been used over the last several decades. Curious about the contents of the 110 $a (corporate names), I parsed it and the top 30 headings are listed below. Keep in mind a few things, however:

  • Entities can be put together in different ways. For example , there is “Great Britain” and “England and Wales” and “Scotland” all appear in the list.
  • My process (as presently constituted) is simplistic. Therefore, both “Canada.” and “CANADA.” are counted separately.
  • Slight variations in headings produce different entries. For example, “Santa Fe River Baptist Association (Fla.)” and “Santa Fe River Baptist Association.”
  • Typos produce different entries.
Eventually I will make the entire list available. If you’re really eager, email me.
1417046 United States.
587986  Great Britain.
358417	France.
206591	Canada.
176754	Geological Survey (U.S.)
101421	California.
98397	Michigan.
79615	Australia.
78175	Catholic Church.
64390	New York (State).
57037	New Zealand.
48218	Sotheby's (Firm)
46196	Hôtel Drouot.
45853	Québec (Province).
44812	New South Wales.
44022	England and Wales.
43469	Massachusetts.
41914	Pennsylvania.
41560	Christie, Manson & Woods.
41292	Église catholique.
39517	Ontario.
36636	Scotland.
36234	Illinois.
34691	United Nations.
31121	India.
31011	Agence de presse Meurisse.
29958	Cornell University.
29648	Church of England.
29073	Japan.
28675	Victoria.

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  1. Wow. The three auction houses really surprise me. And let\’s hear it for the Geological Survey and its zillions of maps!

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