The Complete List of Robin Williams Movies*

How many do you remember?

With the tragic news of Robin Williams’ death, I started thinking of all of the wonderful movies he made and decided to put together this list. I share it here in remembrance of a very talented man who has left behind an amazing body of work.

I was surprised at how many I did and didn’t remember and at how broad and deep his movie career was. He made over 50 movies and worked with a lot of impressive co-stars and directors. I had a lot of fun this morning reminiscing with friends about all the movies we did and didn’t remember. For example, I totally forgot he was in Hamlet with Kenneth Branagh and Insomnia with Al Pacino. And Let’s not even start on the comedies of the 1980s (all of which I saw in the theatre. No, I did, I admit it. And I loved them).

The Movies of Robin Williams

(In chronological order. Click to find the movie in your local library via WorldCat)

Of course, he did a lot of T.V. too, and stand up and documentaries and wrote a couple of biographies. These you can also find in WorldCat and at your local library. Try this search to find more: Robin Williams.

In case you were wondering, my personal favs: (1)Fisher King – everything about it; (2)the dance rehearsal scene from BirdCage;(3) the radio scenes from Good Morning Vietnam; and (4)Good Will Hunting.

(*OK it’s as complete as I could make it and I did include one T.V. show. But come on, I couldn’t leave out Mork and Mindy. I grew up on that show.)

I will always remember Robin Williams and his incredible talent.

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  1. hello… name is melanie and i desperatly search the name of the movie with robin willliams where he is the crazy dad of a young woman.., she works at mc donalds.and her dad got the crazy isea thar there is a hidden treasure to find!!!!!!he follows an old old map and in the end he was right!!!!
    please help me somebody
    thanks melanie

  2. Robin was in the movie “Merry Freakin Christmas” . It was released 2014. Very funny movie. Still miss his humor.

  3. I just watched the movie Noel and was surprised to see that Robin Williams was not listed in the credits. Any reason?

  4. What is the movie where he sees dragons and is looking for the holy grail. He is in Love with a girl named Lidia. She brings him watermelon pajamas in the hospital?

  5. There is also one called “License to Wed” in which he plays a Catholic(sp) Priest whom councils young couples before they get married!! i believe it came out in 2007, my hubby and I went to see it a week before we got married!! We married, July 9, 2007!!

  6. In Bicentenial Man, Robin started out as a robot, turning more human as the movie progressed. I loved this movie, actually enjoyed them all. He was terrific!

  7. This post was written for movies (not about RW’s TV work), but since there’ve been a couple of references in here about his TV show appearances, I thought I might mention I really enjoyed the first time I saw him on TV, when he appeared on Happy Days (for 2 episodes, in ’78 and ’79); remember when Richie said he was going to bring his camera along …
    IMDB says that Mork appeared also in a 1979 episode of “Out of the Blue” but I’m struggling to recall that TV series.
    He was such a treat to see on TV (any talk or comedic show), since he was quite extemporaneous and less self-restrained. Those appearances on Conan O’Brien’s show (in the 2000s) were priceless … his Letterman appearances were pretty fun too.
    Thanks to this article, I learned about OCLC (and WorldCat). Thanks; Larry

  8. I am a collector of Robin Williams movies. I loved his ability to be good, bad, funny, intelligent..and all the others thing that he could be on the screen.
    Several years ago my husband and I were watching TV (early Sat drinking coffee) and a movie with Robin Williams came on that we had NEVER seen or heard of. He was the lone survivor in a restaurant shooting. Then became a survivalist. ANY ONE?? The killer came back to find him..


  10. Watching the movie One Hour Photo definitely shows a very dark side the word Robin Williams must have been going to portray such a dork movie and having so much talent in other directions to do a movie like one hour photo is kind of a sign of what must have been going on in his head and it’s sad that nobody saw it coming

    1. That it Bicentennial Man. My favourite movie of Robins.
      R.I.P. Robin. Sadly missed each day.
      Rembered each day.

  11. Hello,

    I came across your blog when searching for a RW’s movie where he acted as a detective and the theme is based on musical notes. The killer leaves a notation at each murder site and RW picks-up this as a clue and find the killer. If you or your friends know which movie it is, please send the info to me.

  12. I think that “Absolutely Anything,” a light comedy in which Robin Williams voiced “Dennis the dog,” was probably Williams’ last movie. Filming ended 12 May 2014, three months before Williams’ death. The film was released 14 August 2015, a year and three days after Williams’ death.

  13. Thanks so much for the loving care you took in preparing this list. Although we all will miss his presence, we were blessed that someone had the insight to see Robin for the HUGE TALENT he possessed & we all had the honor in viewing his rare level of talent that simply was & is Robin Williams now & for generations to come. WE WILL ALL MISS YOU!

  14. Hook is there, but I tell you what J.D. you’ve missed off Aladdin: King Of Thieves, where Robin reprised his brilliant role of the Genie in 1996, four years after the original Aladdin!!

  15. robin williams you are a terrible and amazing actor. i will be always missing you.. May you rest in peace.

  16. I loved all movie by him it saddens me to know that even though he made us laugh and smile he was not happy with him self this world lost the best actor. My kids love his movie flubbed the watch the DVD like only 6 times a day. My prayers and thought are with his family.

  17. I would love to know the name of a film Robin Williams Did to become a Doctor and many more but want to see this one again as was so good

  18. Thomas young , the film you are talking about is “what dreams may come” and balaji, the film you are after is “jakob the liar”, but i must warn you he ‘dies’ at the end so if you get upset easy, be prepared.
    God bless you all and sleep angel Robin, we love and miss you xxxxx

  19. There was a movie where Williams played a Jew convincing other prisoners of the defeat of Germans and subsequenr victory of the russians, i donot remember the name of the movie

  20. Is so very sad that a person capable and brought so many smiles to our faces be so sensitive with how he felt inside himself.

    Can anyone help me with the name of a movie by Robin, where he went into the world of death, after he drove his wife into suicide and died, then realized of his action impacted her wife’s will to live. What’s the name of that movie?

  21. I remember watching Jumanji when i was little (elementary school i think) and that was really fun, really good movie. That was also the first time i know Robin Williams. I really admire him. He was a great actor, the BEST actor.

    RIP Robin Williams

  22. He also played a small uncredited part (John Jacob Jinglheimer Schmidt) in “To Woo FongThanks For Everything, Julie Newmar”. (1995)

  23. Hi Carol,
    Thanks for the info. I had a couple movies where he was uncredited and decided not to include them since – well he was uncredited and I hadn’t actually seen any of them and couldn’t be sure he was in actually in them. 🙂 And I did have “Can I Do It ‘Till I Need Glasses?” (1977) on my list – but then we couldn’t find it in WC to link to it and then debated about leaving it in. But I think you’re right. That movie at least should be on my list, even if WC doesn’t have it.
    Thanks again,

  24. You forgot Everyone’s Hero {2006}. An animated movie about Babe Ruth’s lucky bat. He played an uncredited character named Napoleon Cross. And also his earliest film: 1977 – “Can I Do It ‘Till I Need Glasses?”

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