Complete* List of Terry Pratchett’s Discworld Novels

In honor of Terry Pratchett, I want to share with everyone, one of my favorite places in all the worlds – Terry Pratchett’s Discworld.  If you know it, you love it.  If you don’t know it, I highly encourage you to explore it.  There are over 40 books in the series, and I’ve read them all – many more than once. Well, to be honest, many more than a dozen times. It is a world populated by many creatures including, but not limited to; humans, sentient luggage, dwarves, trolls, witches, wizards, vampires, werwolves, heros, gods, and one Nobby Nobs.  These books never fail to inspire me, and I want to share them with you.

Fortunately, lots and lots of libraries around the world hold these books.  To help you find them, I’ve compiled the complete* list of all the Discworld books with links to WorldCat (so that you can find them near you).  Enjoy! and be warned – reading one book, usually leads to reading 3 or more.  (It’s the original binge watching. I know, I’ve been binge reading Pratchett since the 1990s.)

Complete* List of Terry Pratchett’s Discworld Novels

(In order of publication date)

Not Discworld – but I love it; Good Omens with Neil Gaiman.

There are more Discworld books that are not novels; mapps, cookbooks, portfolios, and handbooks.  You can find these in your library too, WorldCat can help:

And now, if you’ll excuse me I have appointments with Rincewind, Commander Vimes, Tiffany Aching, Granny Weatherwax, Moist von Lipwig, and the Librarian**. I’ll send a clacks to let you know when I’ll be back.

Terry Pratchett, I will never forget you and thank you for sharing the Discworld with our world.


* The list is as complete as I could make it. But I’m only human, and the series is impressive, if not magical unto itself and does mysterious things. (I don’t have proof, but I think the books change a bit on every 3rd reading. Text can be slippery that way.) Whatever I’ve missed, please post it in the comments with a link to WorldCat if you can.

** the Librarian is a side character in many stories, but he’s a personal favorite.  But don’t call him a monkey, unless you want your arm ripped off.

^ these two are, strictly speaking, picture books and not novels. But I put them on the list anyway.

*^Also, if you’ve never read Pratchett before, I recommend you just pick one and read.  the Discworld series is actually made of several series and they do have a reading order. A quick internet search for “Discworld reading order” can lead you to some guides. You don’t really need it though. Read what you think looks interesting and just dive in.  I don’t think the Discworld would approve of that much order imposed upon it anyway.

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  1. started reading disc world by accident, was looking for something light to read and someone gave me Mort and the Fifth Elephant, fell in love with Terry’s works. my wife wasn’t sure after reading Mort but I had bought Small Gods in the meantime and after reading this she was hooked too.

  2. Regarding your note on just picking one up and going for it. I would hate it if I started reading the Watch arc or Rincewind’s arc out of order. And while Rincewind’s books came first they are some of the hardest just to pick up and read. Try Guards! Guards! It is always my recommended starting point for friends. Other Discworld reading orders can be found here:

  3. Love this list, thank you so much for putting it together!

    One note: I don’t tell people to just jump in wherever they want to. Reason being, that’s what I was told, so I bought the first two books, was thoroughly disappointed, and didn’t get back to the series for years later. Years that I regret, because Pratchett is by far my favorite author of all time. Also, even though the City Watch is my favorite series, no one should ever start with Night Watch because it depends on already knowing many of our characters.

    So, I generally give people a recommendation. Wyrd Sisters, Guards! Guards!, and Hogfather are great entry points for the Witches, the City Guard, and Death, respectively. Pratchett’s writing is WEIRD and I want to make sure people give him a fair chance, and those three have the highest quality of writing compared with easiness of entry into the world.

  4. I have all his paperbacks and a fair few Audio books, on Cassette Tapes and CD’s, and the DVD’s of the Films etc, also books about him quiz books etc

  5. I didn’t know there were so many. Watched the colour of magic special that bbc presented and fell in love then while starting my blog I found a book called eric and fell in love. Thank u for the list its a big help.

  6. I just finished reading “The Shepherd’s Crown” and it brought a tear to my eye more than once.

    He surely was one of the best English writers of all time who wrote about the human condition with wit, sensitivity and grace.

    Thanks for this list – I’m going to go on a project of getting all of his Discworld books so I can put them on a shelf of honour.

  7. I agree with your take on this. Binge watching at its finest. Terry Pratchett occupies 3 shelves of my annual re-read bookcase. In addition to the discworld books, I also have Strata, The Carpet People, Good Omens, Nation, The Johnny Maxwell books, and the Bromeliad books there.

  8. I started reading Terry Pratchett.s Discworld series almost by accident, “Going Postal and Thud” because thy looked interesting. My collection now is at 32 and as long as I can find them I will keep buying them. Great stories from a brilliant author.

  9. You typo’d. “World of Poo” is the picture book. “Raising Steam” is a regular novel.

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