Social metadata for LAMs on Facebook

Since sites relevant to libraries, archives and museums that support social metadata are changing and new ones are appearing quickly, the Social Metadata Working Group wanted to have a way for others to share information about the new or enhanced sites they come across. They also wanted to be able to point to interesting articles, blogs and videos related to social metadata and social media. 

Following several of the group’s recommendations (in our third report, to be published soon) such as look at what others have done and consider using third-party hosted sites rather than creating your own, we’ve  created a Social Metadata for LAMs Facebook page.

Please visit the page and “like” it so you’ll see all future postings on your own Facebook wall. We also encourage you to post any comments you have about our Social Metadata for LAMs reports, new social media “site sightings” relevant to libraries, archives or museums,  or related information.

I look forward to seeing some of you on FB!