So who is using linked data? And for what?

BL Linked Data ModelMost of us in the library and archives community have been exposed to linked data, and have learned of the potential of linked data applications to make new, valuable uses of existing metadata. We’ve even heard of linked data projects of various sorts.

Spurred by the interest of OCLC Research Library Partners Metadata Managers Focus Group members, OCLC Research is conducting a survey to learn details of specific projects or services that format metadata as linked data and/or make subsequent uses of it. Its target audiences are staff who have implemented or are implementing linked data projects or services–either by publishing data as linked data or ingesting linked data resources into their own data or applications.

The survey is available at

We are asking that responses be completed by 31 July 2014. We will share the examples collected for the benefit of others wanting to undertake similar efforts, wondering what is possible to do and how to go about it.

And then we may be able to answer the questions in this blog’s title…