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  1. Heidegger is the author associated with Sein und Zeit.

    Heidegger / Sein und Zeit is the work associated with the translation Being and Time.

    Is there any author (not translator, not work) associated with Being and Time? Is the expectation that any author associated with the original work would be automatically associated as an author in the translation’s metadata? Or would it be left to users to decide whether the original work’s author can properly be taken as the author of the translation?

    1. I left off the “Description” in the illustration to save space. Each of the translations have the description, ” translation of Heidegger’s Sein und Zeit. The query looked only for translations, but one could adjust the query to include the original work. The DATA is there in each translation to show that it’s a translation of the original work, with a link to the identifier describing Heidegger’s original work.

  2. Dear Karen,

    very nice approach. But what about using the additional indormation from the Wikipedia universum (and the Google Knowlegdge Graph) for enriching WorldCat? And how and where to discuss the best stratgey: Bulidng authority records for works or using the additional information only for better work clustering (represented by OWI-IDs) or enriching the single records with the informations about translators, original work title / not romanized title information for better indexing or a mix of all three action lines?

    Please continue your work on this topic. It could also have impact on the handling different romanization practices.

    Rupert Schaab (Göttingen University, Germany)

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