Oregon State University joins Flickr Commons

This is a little late in coming but it’s not escaped our notice that Oregon State University (a member of the RLG Partnership) has joined the Flickr Commons (Günter has blogged about the Commons numerous times, most recently here).

Archives Next has an with Tiah Edmunson-Morton from OSU about the her experience as a Commoner. As the interview reflects, the process was far from turnkey, but the project has clearly had some immediate impact:

It’s only been 2 weeks, but I think I can safely say that putting the same Williams images in The Commons has resulted in dramatically different statistics! After 5 days, we had over 13,000 views, over 200 people add us as a “contact,” nearly 50 comments, and lots of tags. At the end of the 2nd week, with no new content added, the views jump to 24,500, 275 contacts, and lots more tags. And this is all on 116 photos! We’ve received good publicity, including a front page feature on the Oregonian’s “O!” section and a Wired Campus interview , which undoubtedly added to jumps in interest over the past few days.

Nice going, Oregon State. And thanks to ArchivesNext for the interview.