3 Comments on “New ways of using and enhancing cataloging and authority records”

  1. Hi Karen,
    In the paragraph on “Lamentable demise of authority browse and cross-references” you write, “WorldCat Discovery will start using the desired cross-references as part of searching in June 2020.” Is this specifically in reference to FAST headings? Is there an OCLC web page that provides additional information about this development?
    This is exciting news!
    Beth Guay

    1. Hi, Beth! And we’re excited that you’re excited!

      The feature is currently listed on the WorldCat Discovery roadmap (https://www.oclc.org/content/dam/community/Roadmaps/Roadmap%20-%20DISCOVERY.pdf), and it is coming soon for our April release. Release notes will provide all details of the enhancement in coming weeks.

      For now, the search expansion will include LCSH, MeSH, RVMGF, LCNAF, LCGFT with further plans to include LCMPT, LCDGT, RVMMEM, RVMGD, Canadiana Subjects, and Canadiana Names. We plan to incorporate additional vocabularies such as FAST in currently unscheduled releases.

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