Museum blogs – “one in a million”

My friend and colleague Rob Lancefield from Wesleyan U just alerted me to a museum blog survey by ideum, a company specializing in new media installations at and for museums. The short report is memorable for finding a total of 26 blogs, despite the fact that they counted the 6 Walker Art Center blogs as only 1 entry. The report quips:

Technorati, a popular blog search engine claims it searches 29.6 million blogs (as of March 3, 2006). Apparently, museum blogs are literally one-in-a-million.

According to the report, the earliest blog launched by a museum was a docent’s site at the Tacoma Art Museum in May 04. Hangingtogether makes an appearance as a “museum related” blog. The report is also memorable for containing the first mention I’ve seen of “Museum 2.0,” one would think in allusion to the heavily debatedLibrary 2.0” concept.

Incidentally, aiming to improve the statistical representations of museum blogs on the web, the joint MCN & AAM Media & Technology blog now has a name (which I may or may not be authorized to give a way, so for the time being, I won’t), and we just had Blake at LISHost install WordPress for us. Now comes selecting a theme, twiddling with the settings, and the seeding of the blog with fervent writers. We hope it’ll see the light of day before AAM’s annual conference in late April.

UPDATE: ideum posted an update to the list of blogs from the original paper – looks like their survey caused quite a stir, and nobody wanted to be left out in the cold! Jim Spadaccini asks fellow bloggers to re-post the list of blogs so they can gain “authority” by being more widely linked to, and since I’d really like to see the museum blogosphere thrive, I’m happy to oblige:

Blogs not included in the original survey
Exhibit Commons
NYC Museum Education Roundtable
Loreto Martin
Hamilton (Canada) Museum Educators Group
Audience Research
Portable Antiquities Blog
Museum Connect
Museum Madness
Modern Art Notes

Art Museums
Tacoma Art Museum Docents Blog
Goldwell Open Air Museum Blog
Walker Blogs (6 blogs)
Bronx Mus(eum)ings
Art @ the Katzen
Contemporary-Pulitzer Blog
Eye Level

Children’s Museums
The Children’s Museum Blog

History Museums
Port Moody Station Museum Blog
Dallas History Forum

Science Museums
RedShift Now
Science Buzz

About Museums
Museum Guru
Museum People’s Journal
Hanging Together
The Curator’s Egg
Museums and the Web
Museum Photographers Blog
Skillful Minds
Museum Pro
Ideum Blog
Mario Bucolo Museums Blog

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