More on Flickr

A few more Flickr related things:

The Boston Public Library has posted photos to Flickr. Like Library of Congress, the collections are open to commentary and tags, although initially they were not. From a brief scan of the collection, there are considerably fewer comments on the items than on items in LCs Flickr collections. I hope to spend some time with folks from the Boston Public Library in May, and if I find out more about this project and can share, I will. War posters, cased photos, there’s a lot to love….

Like the Library of Congress, the Powerhouse Museum has joined the Flickr Commons.

You can now post video on Flickr. At first I thought this was a little odd, but when I read more, it made sense. It’s only for Pro accounts, and you are limited to 90 second clips. This makes good sense, because sometimes a photo doesn’t quite cut it (I have some “videos” I’ve taken that are really more about getting a paranoramic sweep of something when I’m too lazy to actually cut and paste a series of photos together). It’s not a replacement for YouTube or other video sharing sites. Long photos.