MARCEdit Integrates WorldCat Capabilities

As recently announced by Terry Reese, his program MARCEdit now includes a great set of new capabilities for users of WorldCat. Recently made possible by the release of the WorldCat Metadata API from OCLC, here are just a few of the things you can do directly from MARCEdit:

  • Set Batch Holdings in OCLC.
  • Batch upload/edit records into WorldCat.
  • Search WorldCat directly from within MARCEdit.

This is just the kind of integration that our web services now make available for software of all kinds. By providing an application program interface (API) that enables not just search and display of records, but also updating and creating records, we are exposing the full range of WorldCat metadata capabilities to virtually any software developer.

We have long said that by enabling developers to use our services at a deeper level we would enable new kinds of services that we  could not develop ourselves. Now we are seeing exactly that. Kudos to Terry Reese for building new capabilities into an already stellar application.