Library Linked Data in the Cloud

librarylinkeddataA book that a few of our colleagues have been working on for quite some time has now been released: Library Linked Data in the Cloud: OCLC’s Experiments with New Models of Resource Description. You can also preview it on Google Books.

OCLC Research has been working with linked data for years, and we have developed processes for mining our MARC record database into linked and linkable entities. This book reports on a lot of that work, the problems we ran into and some of the solutions we created.

The main sections are:

  1. Library Standards and the Semantic Web
  2. Modeling Library Authority Files
  3. Modeling and Discovering Creative Works
  4. Entity Identification Through Text Mining
  5. The Library Linked Data Cloud

There are likely few people who have had as much experience parsing library data into linked data triples than the authors of this book and their OCLC Research colleagues. Therefore, anyone seeking to create or use library linked data would do well to study this book. You can take my word for it.