Hear for yourselves – mp3’s from the Forum

Those of you who know Merrilee know that she usually has a big smile on her face. Well, the other day she had an extra-big smile on her face. When I asked her what’s so extra-pleasing, she said she’d been reading the evaluations from our Forum at the Folger. Here’s some of what made Merrilee’s and my day:

“I have been joking with my colleagues that the forum was like reading a year’s worth of professional literature … and far more entertaining.”
“I really liked the confluence of libraries, archives, and museums—being exposed to challenges that each of these types of institutions face helped me become aware of similarities and differences between these institutions–we are facing many of the same issues that were raised in the presentations and it is good just to know you are not alone even if the answers are not easy.”
“The presentations inspired me to come up with some similar solutions to very pressing problems. Hearing about real, workable technological solutions to staffing crises was particularly helpful, but wouldn’t have been so great without the thoughtful presentations that gave each project context and validity. I loved having the concentrated period of 1.5 days, and of course, the Folger was a scrumptious setting.”
“The programs in their broader scope made me realize that most of us tend to be fairly inward focused (witin our own institutions)and that we could use more established means whereby we could become more collaborative. The merge of RLG and OCLC may lead to more possiblities for increased cross-pollination.”

And now you too can experience what these non-planted, non-paid, real life Forum attendees are talking about: as of today, we have mp3 files for every talk and powerpoints, speaker notes, handouts as available up at the forum website. Enjoy!