Current Cites – the amazing 25th anniversary

current citesI suspect that a large part of the audience for this blog also subscribes to Current Cites the “annotated bibliography of selected articles, books, and digital documents on information technology” as the masthead describes it. Those of us who subscribe would describe it as “essential”. Those of us who publish newsletters describe the fact that as of August 2015 it will have been published continuously for twenty five years as “amazing”. Those of us who know the editor, our pal and colleague, Roy Tennant, describe the feat he has performed as “stunning” and him as “indefatigable“.

And if you are not a subscriber to this essential, amazing, and stunning newsletter you should be clicking right here. And then you should congratulate Roy in a comment below. Do that right now.


1024px-Fireworks_on_the_75th._Golden_Gate_anniversaryBy Mireia Garcia Bermejo (Own work)  via Wikimedia Commons