Archivists on Blogging, web archiving

Blogging discussion at SAA

[sorry this photo is so blurry — I clearly haven’t mastered taking snaps on my Treo]

This photo is from a session at the recent Society of American Archivists annual meeting. Left to right: Bill Landis, California Digital Library; Jessamyn West, (report filed here); Elisabeth Kaplan, University of Minnesota; Kathleen Burns, Yale University.

The session dealt with general blog concepts and impact on society; how blogs are or are not diaries; issues for archivists to consider in collecting and preserving blogs; and how blogs fit into web archiving (do we harvest blogs using tools such as Heritrix, or do we use a simpler and more direct approach of grabbing the RSS itself?).

The RLG Roundtable focused on web archiving, and we had reports on RLG’s activities in this area, overviews from the Internet Archive on Archive-It and OCLC on the Web Archiving Workbench, and an inspirational testimonial from University Archivist Phil Bantin on the importance of web archiving.

There was also a session on web archiving generally, but I missed this as it was in conflict with my own presentation in another session on the Future of Finding Aids. A lot going on, and I hope to report more, but first I need to get ready for the RLG Member Forum (or is that a Partner Forum?) happening in a few hours.

A lot going on!

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  1. Thanks for the comment, Jill. I’ll be posting a summary of my findings in a blog posting soon. I’m not sure about posting the video clips, but will discuss this with colleagues back in Mountain View.

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