A funny thing happened on the way back from the Forum…

We’ve had a lot of email from those who attended the Forum, and also from those who could not, asking (nicely!) when the MP3 and PowerPoint files might be available. We’re working on it, but have had a few other distractions along the way.

The day after the Forum, some of us from RLG Programs (and Eric Childress from Research) visited the Smithsonian, where we had some interesting conversations about work we can do with this RLG Partner going forward.

On Sunday, all of RLG Programs who are based in Mountain View flew to Dublin, Ohio for our first big meeting with the staff in OCLC Research. The goal for the meeting was to flesh out our high-level agenda for the coming year. Here’s a photo of Jim putting some flesh on the bones.

Jim at work

Have you ever seen such large post-it notes?

It wasn’t all just hard work. We also had time to interact socially with our Research colleagues. Here’s a photo of Günter and me outside of Schmidt’s Restaurant und Sausage Haus in Columbus.

Merrilee and Günter in front of Schmidt\'s

Thanks to our Research colleague Kerre Kammerer for taking the photo and forwarding it along.

Anyhow, those MP3 files will be coming along soon. I’m thrilled to know that the Forum spurred such interest, and itching to share information more broadly.

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