John MacColl was European Director, RLG Partnership, OCLC Research from November 2007 until January 2011, based in Scotland. He worked specifically with the RLG/ORLP European Partners, and also with other library and memory organisations across Europe.

His research focus is in the area of research information management, research assessment and scholarly communications.

He commissioned the report by Key Perspectives Ltd. (2009) A Comparative Review of Research Assessment Regimes in Five Countries and the Role of Libraries in the Research Assessment Process, and wrote the following companion report (2010) Research Assessment and the Role of the Library. He was part of the team that commissioned the report by Susan Kroll and Rick Forsman (2010) A Slice of Research Life: Information Support for Research in the United States and – in the UK – by CIBER at University College London (2010) Research Support Services in UK Universities . He co-authored a follow-up report with Michael Jubb, Director of the UK Research Information Network, which will be published in 2011.

John also led a project on Supporting Research Dissemination, which will result in a report to be published in 2011, and a project – run jointly with LIBER in Europe – on Library Roles in Data Curation in the Humanities and Social Sciences, which will also report in 2011. John was a member of the Working Group led by Karen Smith-Yoshimura which undertook a survey of social metadata in libraries, due to be published in 2011. He also worked with Brian Lavoie on the project Characterizing a National Presence in WorldCat: a Scottish Case Study, which is working with the five Scottish OCLC Research Library Partners on an aggregate analysis, and will report later in 2011.

In addition, John worked with Program Officer colleagues to run three successful European Partnership meetings: in Paris (2008), Leeds (2009) and Oxford (2010). He blogged regularly here in HangingTogether.

He worked previously at Edinburgh, Abertay and Glasgow University Libraries, and Aberdeen University Computing Centre. He is a member of JISC’s Infrastructure & Resources Committee.

John left OCLC Research in February 2011 to become University Librarian & Director of Library Services at the University of St Andrews in Scotland. He expects to continue to blog in an appropriate venue, and to lead St Andrews University Library in active participation in the OCLC Research Library Partnership.

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