Jim Michalko is a Vice President at OCLC in San Mateo, California. He has specific responsibility for the OCLC Research Library Partnership that Research supports.  In his career he’s represented the needs of research institutions in a variety of professional forums and conferences. He’s been preaching the intersection of libraries, museums and archives in those venues for a long time.

In 1992 he said

…we “will continue to solve the problems facing researchers, but those efforts will take place with a much broader group of institutions that have a scholarly clientele.”

“That includes the archival community, the museum community, independent research libraries, and learned societies, ” he says. “The big, productive societies for the future aren’t going to be the ones determined by institution type, ” says Mr. Michalko. “They’re going to be driven by finding out who’s got the same problem and the same mission, regardless of institution.

“We’re trying to create a whole different set of alliances,” he adds. “Not abandon the library and library alliances, but bring these other constituencies into the mix.”

The Chronicle of Higher Education, January 22, 1992 (page A21)

Hang together. Get it.