Tag, I’m it!

To the power of four, at the request of Lorcan

Four great movies (but who can stop there?)
The Hours
Night on Earth

Four favorite musical artists
Crowded House
Ella Fitzgerald
Parliament (etc.)
Indigo Girls

Four jobs
Cashier at Disneyland — I worked at Fantasyland, in the castle! Say what you will about the Mouse, they have fabulous employee training. I had a great introduction to customer service.
Admin assistant, Regional Oral History Office, UC Berkeley — an office almost entirely composed of women. They thought I could do anything, which gave me the confidence to believe I could
Digital library person, UC Berkeley
Program officer, RLG

Four favorite work projects
Making of America II (later because METS)
EAD Best Practice Guidelines
Digital Scriptorium

Four variations on the spelling of my name:

Four things to do around the house
Replace windows
Refinish floors
The kitchen must go…
More native plants in the backyard

Four favorite dogs
Lilah (my current)
Dharma Dogma (my first)
Racey (dog-in-law)
Whitney (RIP)

Four things I am really looking forward to
Open Content Alliance work
Trip to New Orleans (Mardi Gras) and Kentucky at the end of this month (caving!)
Burning Man
Seeing my step daughter

Four favorite TV shows*
Sex and the City
The Sopranos
Star Trek
The Simpsons

Four books on MP3 I’ve loved:
Kitchen Confidential
I Am Charlotte Simmons
Dress Your Family in Denim and Corduroy

And who would I like to see follow this up?

Paul, Jerry, Peter, Walt.
Why don’t you have a blog, Roy?

*Weird that these all start with the letter s!

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