Pick of the Week – ATF 12 August 2010

Mao, King Kong, and the Future of the Book (External site)

Triple Canopy   •  Issue #9

A trip down memory lane. Bob Stein, founder of the Institute for the Future of the Book, reminisces about his days with LaserDiscs, HyperCard and CD-ROMs.

Read this. If you weren’t around when these were happening then you’ll be amused and amazed at what Stein and others were doing (did Alan Kay really draw those pictures of an “iPad” in 1967!?) and the extent to which we stand on their shoulders. The reminder about Laurie Anderson’s “Puppet Motel” was particularly laden. I remember having that and thinking it was brilliant. Of course, it’s now unobtainable and likely unplayable. The music without the immersive, weirdly unsettling environment can be purchased, and you can see the Voyager demo for the CD-ROM.


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