Upcoming RLP webinar series on cross-campus collaboration in research support

The OCLC Research Library Partnership is offering an upcoming series of webinars focusing on cross-campus collaboration in research support, in conjunction with the forthcoming OCLC Research report, Social Interoperability in Research Support: Cross-campus partnerships and the university research enterprise (to be published later this month). This report examines the growing imperative for cross-campus, cross-domain institutional collaboration in the provision of successful research support services.  

The webinar series offers two different perspectives on cross-campus collaboration in research support:

  • Case study examples of cross-institutional collaboration from RLP partner institutions.
  • “Stakeholder spotlight” webinars in which panels of experts from non-library research stakeholder communities share relevant information about their work, and how they are eager to partner with libraries. This will include stakeholders such as research development, faculty affairs, and communications.

The OCLC report and webinar series offers a valuable professional development opportunity for our partners, and we encourage institutions to organize group discussions around this series.

Cross-institutional collaboration is more important than ever, and will likely be amplified due to the current pandemic and its longer-term effects. The OCLC report and webinar series offers a valuable professional development opportunity for our partners, and we encourage institutions to organize group discussions around this series. And, as a note, these webinars are only a part of our ongoing Works in Progress webinar offerings for RLP institutions.

Series kick-off: Cross-campus partnerships, the library, and the university research enterprise

On August 26, the authors (that’s myself, Brian Lavoie, and Annette Dortmund) of the forthcoming Social Interoperability report will provide an overview of our findings in a webinar presentation entitled Cross-campus partnerships, the library, and the university research enterprise. In addition to highlighting the social and structural norms that shape cross-campus collaboration, we will share a model of key university stakeholders in research support. We will explore the stakeholder ecosystem for four research support activities: research data management (RDM), research information management (RIM), research analytics, and ORCID adoption and also share some takeaway strategies and tactics for optimizing social interoperability in research support. 

Case study: Embedding librarians on interdisciplinary research teams at the University of Miami

On September 10, librarians at the University of Miami will give a webinar presentation to RLP partners entitled Librarians on interdisciplinary research teams—a case study from the University of Miami where they will share about their innovative three-year pilot in which librarians were embedded as fully-integrated team members on more than a dozen interdisciplinary research projects through the university’s Laboratory for Integrative Knowledge (U-LINK) project. This webinar will describe program development, librarian experiences, lessons learned, and how they plan to move forward with the next generation of U-LINK projects.

Case study: Implementing a shared GIS position at Rutgers University through cross-campus collaboration

On September 23, representatives from Rutgers University will share how the Rutgers New Brunswick Libraries has partnered with the systemwide Office of Advanced Research Computing to develop a shared GIS specialist position. This position is part of a campus-wide approach to the provision of research support services at Rutgers, and the speakers will share how campus stakeholders transformed informal collaborations into formal agreements in order to provide much needed services. This presentation will discuss cross-institutional synergies and the challenges and opportunities of developing a shared position.

Stakeholder spotlight: Research development and synergies with the library

Later this fall (time and date TBD), research development officers from three research intensive universities will form a panel to share information about what research development is, how it supports the campus research enterprise, their past experiences collaborating with the library, and how they are eager for further library collaboration to advance institutional research goals.

Additional webinars: coming soon

More webinar presentations are forthcoming, with details to be announced in the coming weeks. Here’s a sneak preview:

  • A case study about how the Syracuse University Libraries has collaborated closely with the Office of Research on topics including grant proposal development, RIM, open access compliance, ORCID, and more.
  • A case study by the University of Arizona about its close partnership with the Office of Research and campus IT in the development of research data management (RDM) services.
  • A stakeholder spotlight on campus communications professionals, who are eager consumers of information about research activities in order to support institutional storytelling to both internal and external audiences.
  • A stakeholder spotlight exploring faculty affairs offices, which are frequent partners with libraries on research information management and consumers of research analytics information.

We encourage our RLP partners to follow our listservs for the announcement of future webinars on this theme. I also encourage our partners to contact me at bryantr@oclc.org if you have a case study you’d like to include in our series!

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