Journal of Usability Studies

Brenda Reeb, user studies goddess at the University of Rochester, posted a link to the new Journal of Usability Studies on USABILITY4LIB today. I took a quick peek at the first issue, and it looks very interesting and relevant.

I particularly recommend a brief invited article by (usability god) Jakob Nielsen titled “Usability for the Masses,” which advocates developing more general awareness of usability issues rather than creating more full-fledged usability professionals in order to fix a mass of interfaces. Amen.

I briefly skimmed a second article, “Iterative Usability Testing as Continuous Feedback: A Control Systems Perspective” by Alex Genov, which basically says that different research questions and agendas will necessitate different approaches. There’s more to it than that, but again, amen. When I was on road and talking about RedLightGreen , this was one of the points I tried to make about our own user studies. There’s more than one way to skin a cat, particularly if some of your cats are goats. Or protozoa.

Speaking of usability and cataloging, the title purports to be the Journal of Usability Studies, but the title bar on my browser says it’s the Online International Journal of Usability Studies. Whatever. Give it a look.