Google smarts vs my bandwidth

Merrilee wrote how Google got smarter the other day, and provided a neat dog example. Since they get smarter so often, and I have only so much bandwidth to keep up with them, I apologize if this is old news to you: I just did a search on Norman Rockwell, and found at the top of my result set “Image Results for Norman Rockwell.” I tried again with Andy Warhol and Andy Goldsworthy – and again, images of their works are at the top of the result list. And yes, even dogs have their day – try Basenji!

Of course these pictures come from Google Images, and as most things that turn up there, they usually aren’t from an authoritative source. Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe, for example, comes to us courtesy of a newsletter of an Argentinian healthclub glossing an exhibit in Buenos Aires.

I wonder how far Google will take this inclusion of images – will there be a day when your search for a particular museum will present a smattering of their collection images? Or when a search for “impressionism” or “bauhaus” will come back with images illustrating the style? And of course one hopes that all of those images would be culled from healthclubs and spas around the world…:-)