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I recently had contact with a writer from the Wall Street Journal who researched a story on blogs in museums (Jennifer Trant had been kind enough to mention my name to him.) My first question to him was: do you mean blogs with which museums try to reach out to the audience they serve, or blogs on which museum professionals share information? While I’ve seen a number of the former, I haven’t seen much of the latter. The piece which ended up appearing in the Wall Street Journal under the title “For Attention, Museums Get Gossipy Online” (10/21, Pursuits Section – here’s the link, but you have to be a subscriber) focused on museums blogging to communicate with their visitors.

However, I’m glad to note that there are a couple of more blogs appearing which speak to the experience of museum professional. One of them, ironically called “libraryland” (hey, whatever happened to “museumland”?), is written by Richard Urban, a fellow MCN Board Member and currently a graduate student in library science at Urbana-Champagne. If you’d like to know what drove somebody with aspirations to work in the museum world into a library program, check out this post! (I feel your pain, Richard, and you know it, because we’ve shared our experiences many times…) Richard also has a great piece on the MCN Keynote by Alexander Rose from the Long Now Foundation here. The other blog I’d like to gloss is Mike Rippy’s museumpro – Mike’s blog is only just getting started as a direct outcome of the Young Professional’s Roundtable at MCN, but I hope it’ll grow into a lively forum for debate! Can you tell how I envy the library community for the inexhaustible wealth of collegial opinion, information and gossip in the blogosphere?

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  1. Have a look at an exhibition-in-progress blog!

    9 museums in 7 countries in the Industry and Modernism Museum Network are currently developing a future travelling exhibition: “Dream Factories? – Industry and Modernism in the Nordic and Baltic Countries 1945-1990”. Our weblog is our common working platform.
    Here you can follow the exhibition-in-progress, here we share ideas, files and photos, comment and compare each other’s exhibition inputs.

    The aim our museum blog is to maximize decentralization of the development of the national exhibition elements, by ensuring shared knowledge and open communication. When the exhibition opens in Oct. 2007 the blog so far intended for internal professional co-operation, might change and become communication tool for an external audience and PR.

    See you!

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