Mid August news round up

Because it’s Friday (and because I have a cold!), this is just a round up of bits I’ve been meaning to blog about. They are piling up, and I figure it’s better to get out even a little bit on each, rather than try to find the time to blog about each one in depth.

Jennifer and I did our webinar yesterday (Assessing the impact of special collections) — I blogged about this earlier this month. I wanted to let you know that our slides are in Slideshare. The webinar itself will be posted later in the month, after some vacations. I’ll have more to say about the discussion, and the results of the poll later. For those of you who took the poll, thanks very much!

There was an interesting story on NPR about reCAPTCHA. Last summer, I blogged about our use of reCAPTCHA for validating the comments on this blog. Over time, these small efforts have added up. Something like 1.3 billion word, which adds up to enough text to fill up more than 17,600 books. Beneficiaries have been the New York Times and the Internet Archive / Open Content Alliance. So comment away — you are helping to do great things.

Finally, I was sad to hear that the Party Copyright Blog was shutting down — but even more disturbed that it subsequently vanished. Fortunately, the “voice of the people” was heeded, and the blog was mostly restored. It’s a reminder of the fleeting nature of information on the web and the importance of preserving valuable resources.