Have it your way!

In RLG Programs we talk a lot about how important it is for libraries, archives, and museums to find ways to get their materials (or descriptions of materials) beyond their catalogs, so the materials/descriptions appear where researchers and other users are. It only seems fair that we try to practice what we preach.

Why should you have to rummage around on our website, or wait for an email to tell you that papers, podcasts, and webinars are available? In an effort to make our content available as many ways as possible, we’ve made a number of new RSS feeds available. You can choose those that best fit your needs.


1. A new RLG Programs feed for updates from RLG Programs.

2. Our new PARcast feed which includes all podcasts and webinars released in our PARcast series. PARcasts are also submitted to the iTunes store, so you can get them via the iTunes as well (search on “OCLC PARcast” or even just “PARcast”).

3. A new combined OCLC Programs and Research feed includes all news and updates from both RLG Programs and OCLC Research, including PARcast releases.

These feeds are in addition an existing OCLC Research feed, which includes updates from OCLC Research.

The new feeds will also allow HangingTogether to focus more on discussion-like postings, and less on announcement-type postings. So sign up, already!