Showing up

About a month ago my colleague Günter wrote a post about the way in which our communities interact with industry. He wondered

“How do we communicate that the use of standards would actually give a product a competitive advantage in the marketplace? How do we communicate that our interest in long-term preservation isn’t so special – we’re not the only ones who’d like to see digital images accessible for generations.”

Well, one answer is to appear at industry conferences. I came across a presentation slot dedicated to Preservation Metadata Implementation Strategies (PREMIS) on the agenda of the upcoming 11th Digital Asset Management Symposium. Just where we need to be. The agenda reinforced for me that our concerns are shared and that advertising agencies, broadcast and media companies have some very powerful motivations to position their assets for long-term use.

P.S. The conference web site features a thumbnail photo of our friend, Murtha Baca, of the Getty Trust, that models LA attitude.