NLA Unveils “Library Labs”

The National Library of Australia (an RLG partner institution) has announced a “Library Labs” space “let our colleagues know what we are doing, to invite comments, questions and feedback and to provide a space for discussion and collaboration” (from Warwick Cathro in an emailed announcement). Cathro continues:

“We have started to redevelop our digital library services using a service-oriented architecture and open source software solutions where these are functional and robust. We are also aiming to take a common (“single business”) approach to collection management, discovery and delivery.

We are interested in forming a community of Australian business analysts and developers who are working on similar problems and who are interested in interoperable, standards-based solutions. We are also interested in working with colleagues at an international level to provide prototypes and testbeds for new and emerging standards.

The wiki space features:

  • three search prototypes which we have developed, with a fourth prototype (for newspapers) to be released soon
  • reports relating to these prototypes
  • a report on our vision for a logically integrated “national metadata store” and a new discovery service based on that store
  • our draft digital library service framework
  • information on some of our related standards activities. “

A wonderful effort, and something that is well worth spending some time with to see what we can all learn from what they’re doing and provide input and feedback. For our part, this work ties in well with our “Modeling New Service Infrastructures” theme that I head up. My visit to NLA last fall was quite instructive and I look forward to further interactions with NLA staff over shared issues.