The Power of In-Person

jenisYou would be hard-pressed to find someone more reliant on electronic communication methods than I. Not only have I developed a presence in many online forums, starting back with the PACS-L list in the late 1980s and continuing through to Twitter and Facebook, I telecommute three days a week. Therefore, I rely on online communication methods to do my work on a daily basis. So I understand the use and impact of social networks and electronic communication methods like few do. But I also understand the use and impact of a handshake or a hug or a meal shared.

In other words, there are places for all types of human interaction, and one type does not replace another, it simply adds to the mix. And that is a good thing.

So that is why next week nearly all of us in the San Mateo office will be trekking back to the Mother Ship in Dublin, Ohio.  We do this on a regular basis, to share information with our Research colleagues, take meetings with other OCLC staff, and have a good time together as people. Through events like this we cement our connection and build ongoing relationships that carry us throughout the year.

“Sure,” you’re saying to yourself, “What you really go back to Dublin for is Jeni’s Ice Cream. I know you people and that alone would be sufficient to make the effort.” And yes, that alone might just be enough. But when you add all the other benefits it’s a slam dunk.