better than a red wheel barrow

The receipt of the following haiku was sufficiently serendipitous, satisfying and apt that I want to share it.

a blonde girl, wearing
a pink skirt, on a blue bike,
willed the red light green

A former RLG staff member, Dylan Tweney, publishes a lovely daily haiku magazine, tinywords. (He’s also the executive editor of Mobile magazine.) You can sign up at the tinywords site and get a daily haiku sent to you via email or to your mobile device. I shared this one with the RedLightGreen team here at RLG. We decided it was worthy as a haiku even if you didn’t have our reference point.

P.S. RedLightGreen will give you some good selections on Haiku – History and Criticism.

3 Comments on “better than a red wheel barrow”

  1. Hey there,
    This short message is from me, Mr. Troy Freund. I wrote the “blonde girl” haiku referenced above. What is the “red wheelbarrow” reference that Lawrence Williams feels it so strongly does not compare to?
    Troy Freund

    day 1130
    sliced the mushrooms thin,
    added some coriander
    and scrambled the eggs

  2. better than a red wheelbarrow? hardly. that’s
    not even a good haiku. it’s an ok short poem.

  3. Hey, thanks for noticing this haiku and pointing it out!

    I didn’t realize as I was publishing the haiku that its last three words are the same as the name of your bibliographic search tool … which of course has some excellent suggestions for further reading. Serendipitous indeed!

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