Offsite storage and LAM relationships

This week, we’ve had two announcements about forward progress on our Work Agenda.

First announement: RLG Programs will be collaborating with Lizanne Payne, Executive Director of the Washington Research Library Consortium on a new report examining the current state of the art in library offsite storage. This report is the first of several specially commissioned RLG white papers examining critical issues in the management of research library collections.

Additional details about our Shared Print Collections program are available on the RLG Programs website, here. Constance Malpas is the Program Officer heading up this effort, so if you have questions, you can turn to her for more information.

Second announcement: RLG Programs has retained Diane M. Zorich as meeting facilitator and author for an investigation into the service and organizational relationships among libraries, archives and museums within the context of a campus (or campus-like) environment.

Diane will assist RLG Programs staff in conducting structured discussions at a select number of RLG Partner institutions, and summarize our findings through a detailed report. If you think your institution would be a good candidate to host a day-long meeting bringing together stake-holders from the different communities represented within your organization, you’ll see a call to register your interest soon – stay tuned!

Additional details about our this project are available on the RLG Programs website, here.
This project will involve other Program Officers, but Günter Waibel is a good contact for more information, and I’m sure he will be blogging about this project quite a bit! We’ve worked with Diane in the past — she batted in the clean up position in our More, Better, Faster, Cheaper program, and we’re looking forward to working with her more.