Open Access Wikipedia Challenge on P2PU

It’s been traditional recently to hold Wikipedia Loves Libraries events during Open Access Week, and I fully support the practice. What’s also been traditional, in a way that I wanted to change, was the editathon format for those events. After scrunching my mind to brainstorm and consulting with other Wikipedia Loves Libraries volunteers on ways of experimental trainings and celebrations, we came up with Open Access Wikipedia Challenge  The challenge is to embed media that was harvested from Open Access journals in Wikipedia, and we created a special edition barnstar for completing it. This challenge is totally friendly to newbies and librarians as it includes over 1 hour total of six screencast tutorial videos that explain every detail right from account creation, to Wikipedia’s transclusion, and each module has waypoint challenges. At the time of this writing already nine challengers have accepted.

Below is the introductory video which is hosted on youtube, and the challenge is on P2PU.

Max Klein
twitter: @notconfusing