The library in reflected boho glory

I saw my colleague, Betsy Wilson, from the University of Washington Libraries at an OCLC Board meeting today and she shared with me a terrific YouTube clip. A local Seattle band, Pickwick, walked into the main library reading room and did an a cappella version of one of their songs. They didn’t ask, they just did it. Some of the readers didn’t lift their heads from their work (presumably they were plugged into their own music). But by the end everybody was paying attention. And well they should. This fellow is channeling Sam Cooke via Dion through Seattle and it’s moving. And as one of the YouTube comments says “Props to the absent librarian”. Their album comes out soon.

2 Comments on “The library in reflected boho glory”

  1. I love it! One sees flash mobs in malls and other public spaces – wouldn’t it be great to see them in museums and libraries as well? They are often places of great architecture and amazing acoustics . . . and I think it is ok for the group to not ask permission first. The spontaneity of it all is what makes it so special, at least to me.

  2. And then there’s the other YouTube comment, “That’s it… I am going to learn how to read, just so I can hang at the library.”

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