The stuffed animal ‘Culturematic’

Prompted by the little story in Grant McCracken’s Harvard Business Review blog post about Innovating the Library Way I offer below what the stuffed animals in our San Mateo office are up to.

Wombats attempting a daring cubicle escape captured by Ricky Erway

Wombats playing low-IQ cubicle hide and seek captured by Ricky Erway
Wombats leave their cubicles to watch the rain captured by Bruce Washburn

Sorted by size and walking cubicle edges captured by Merrilee Proffitt

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  1. When Nancy Elkiington left on the first RLG staff visit to Australia, Jim asked her to bring back a wombat. Ever obedient, Nancy brought back the largest wombat (I know there was a lot of anguish involved, but she’ll have to tell that story). After that they kept coming, one by one. When we moved from our Villa offices Jim was determined to leave a lot of accumulated baggage behind — including our wombat mascots! Linda West and I kidnapped them and kept them in a safe, undisclosed location, until the move was over, at which point we gradually reintroduced them into the conference rooms in our new building. At first Jim pretended like he didn’t notice, but he’s clearly come to terms with the fact that the wombats are here to stay.

    Now that austerity measures have kicked in, we don’t even bring back buckeyes (a chocolate/nut concoction) from Ohio anymore.

  2. The wombats arrived (at RLG) long before I did, in 2001. I hope someone gives their history, because it needs to be documented! As you can see, they are much adored mascots for the San Mateo contingent. And although they are far from home, they are still on the Pacific Rim.

  3. Hmm, how did Australian wombats get all the way to the San Mateo office? Poor things are a long way from home. Do they have any stuffed carrots?

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