ICDAT Taiwan wrap-up

The aforementioned Jerry and myself spent a good bit of time together in Taipei: after long days at the conference, we’d unwind visiting Longshan Temple, or cruising one of the famous nightmarkets in Taipei (the picture above is from Shilin). We also served together on the wrap-up panel of the conference, which sparked some interesting discussions. I asked the audience how their library, archive and museum community interacted in the all-inclusive NDAP project, and by and large, the answer seemed to be that the approach of creating collaborations around content types (similar to what I suggested in my talk) really worked to rally the different domains around a common goal. Currently, NDAP has 13 “themes” (what I’d call strategic aggregations based on content type), 12 of which are listed here. Number 13 would be their digital video project.

When our moderator Simon C. Lin (Academica Sinica) turned the tables on the panelists ( mainly from Europe and the US), making us comment on what we thought of the state of NDAP, the assembled Taiwanese attendees must have beamed with pride – Wayne Hodgins (AutoDesk) encouraged NDAP to take an international leadership role in discussions around digital libraries, while Jerry commented that he’d like to see research in areas such as descriptive metadata for archaeological digs (see the talk by Yu-Yun Lin ) feed back into international standards efforts. I lend my voice as well to compliment NDAP on their exemplary effort, and expressed the hope that after learning so much about their access strategy, we’d soon hear more about their thoughts on long-term digital retention of the massive amounts of assets generated (a nod to Jerry’s talk about METS and PREMIS.) I think we all felt humbled by what we had learned from and about them, and could only hope that they felt the same about the lot of us who they’d flown in from the other side of the planet!

It appears that the next major phase of their project will include creating more international collaborations, and if you happen to be at MCN Pasadena in November, you’ll be able to learn more from the NDAP delegation itself during the Taiwan Special Interest Group meeting.