OCLC Research 2011: “Seeking Synchronicity,” insights into virtual reference

At the end of 2011, we are doing a mini series of blog postings to reflect on some of the year’s highpoints. This posting is the second in the series.

“Seeking Synchronicity” was published as an OCLC members report in 2011, but is based on many research projects on virtual reference, both research conducted by OCLC Research Scientist Lynn Connaway and Rutgers Professor Marie Radford, and others. Marie and Lynn have helpfully boiled down findings to a very readable set of recommendations and guidelines about virtual reference and optimizing your chances for satisfaction and success.

What has stuck with me after reading the report, is the importance of building relationships. Practicing good customer service goes well beyond virtual reference.

You can view a webinar (and find more information about the project) here.