Happy 30th Anniversary, RLG!

Yesterday was the annual RLG barbeque and picnic (for staff located in Mountain View, California — the two staff members in New York City are left to celebrate in their own way). This year RLG is celebrating its 30th year of being. Although the idea for RLG was cooking in 1973 or so, we were not incorporated until 1975. So, after the barbeque, and softball, and bocce ball, and horseshoes, etc, we had a birthday cake. The cake was tres leches, a Mexican or Latin American treat.

RLG is 30

(Thanks to Joe Zeeman for the photo, and to Jennifer Hartzell for holding a piece of the cake.)

I asked Jennifer Hartzell, RLG history maven, what our actual birthday is. The articles of incorporation were signed on December 1, 1975. So we can keep on celebrating until the end of the year.