Please fill out my survey! archival collection description

I have put together a brief survey, gathering data for two reasons:

1. I will be speaking at the upcoming Society of American Archivists annual meeting on a panel called “The Future of Finding Aids.” B ecause RLG hosts ArchiveGrid, I know a fair amount about rough proportions of archival collection description in MARC, EAD, and HTML. I know nothing about other formats (such as Word, PDF, etc) for collection descriptions, so I’m hoping to get a handle on this.

2. If it turns out that there are significant number of “other formats” this is interesting information for future development of ArchiveGrid.

The survey will only take a few minutes if you have:

  • A rough idea of the number of described collections in your institution;
  • A rough idea of how many of those collections are described ONLY in Word, PDF, or other formats aside from MARC, EAD, or HTML.

I will be happy to share results (although no personal data) after the survey.

Here’s the link.

Thank you!

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  1. Merrilee,
    Are you going to post this on the Archives and Archivits Listserv? Hope so – you’ll be sure to get a lot of responses.

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