Pick of the litter* from CNI Spring Project Briefing

I’d like to highlight what I thought was a great presentation from the recent CNI Spring Task Force Meeting. Barbara Taranto’s presentation, Embracing the (De)contextualization of Digital Artifacts gave New York Public Library’s perspective on the various challenges faced in managing and growing a large, publicaly accessible collection of digital material. NYPL has found itself in the position of having its material reused in many interesting ways. The challenge has been to remain on course and allow the reuse of material to happen without reacting in any way. The institution has enough on its own agenda that it wants to accomplish that they can’t be too worried or (even excited) by how others want to use their collections. The PowerPoint presentation is linked to from the Project Briefing description.

*Thanks to keen-eyed readers Roy Tennant and Jennifer Hartzell for nicely pointing out my typo. Now we know that both of our blog readers can spell better than I can!