What We’re Reading — Week of May 2, 2011

Smithsonian Crowdsourcing Since 1847! | The Bigger Picture

Given our interest in social metadata, interesting that one of our partners (Smithsonian) has been at “crowdsourcing” for such a long time!

The Case for Cursive – NYTimes.com

The death of cursive. Could it really lead to less of an interest in (paper-based) archives? (Merrilee)

News: No Room for Books – Inside Higher Ed

University of Denver announces book move and is greeted with mountains of criticism. Read mostly for the comments (Merrilee)

Amazon’s lengthy cloud outage shows the danger of complexity

The risks of storing in the cloud… (Karen)

Linked data creates a new lens for examining the U.S. Civil War – O’Reilly Radar

Finally a LinkedData story that doesn’t come from a library POV! (Merrilee)

Too Big to Fail | LinkedIn

on the NRC Ph.d Program evaluation: Perhaps the most significant misguided decision in the recent study came when the committee voted against including any measures of reputational standing or perceived quality of programs. [Michalko]